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Hope Threatens Darkness

Hope Threatens Darkness is a non-profit seeking to reach people struggling with depression and suicide through messaging and resources. When they began in 2015 as "Hope for the Broken," I assisted in the design of their logo, and in 2020, they approached me to help them rebrand around a slight name change. Through this name change, we crafted a brand that is focused and bold, reflecting the organization's heart to bring a bright light of hope into dark places.


Logo development
Brand identity
Creative strategy

Hope Threatens Darkness mark on a bright image background
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The new logo centers is a letter-based mark, depicting an "H" and a light source. Asymmetrical rays convey light bursting through darkness in strong, clean lines.

Hope Threatens Darkness left to right arrangement on  a dark image background
Hope Threatens Darkness brand use guidelines
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Helvetica Neue supports the mark with no nonsense, set with tight line spacing to convey the organization's renewed focus alongside the existing immediacy and strength of their message.

Poster mockup with centered version of Hope Threatens Darkness logo
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"I've had the honor of working alongside Kyle since 2013 in everything from simple design requests to full rebrands. Kyle is uniquely gifted in creating something magnificent out of nothing. He asks the right questions, takes the time to be intentional, and executes a thoughtful design process. Every time I start a project with Kyle, I don’t have to worry about being happy with the end product because he brings a spirit of excellence to everything he touches."

Meg Hope
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