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The Renew Your Mind Podcast

Kieran Lenahan is a business coach and spiritual director who works with Christian entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, spend more time with their families, and get closer to God. In 2021, Kieran decided to launch a podcast that offers his audience a deep dive into redemptive mindset work. He approached me to help bring life to his vision through brand identity and a podcast cover.


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The Christian Crossroad Podcast cover (before) next to the Renew Your Mind podcast cover (after)
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Kieran initially entered the podcast landscape with The Christian Crossroad Podcast, a show he produced in 2020. At the time, he was looking to bridge the categories of self-help, leadership, and entrepreneurship with a Christian worldview, and though he approached the show with intention and purpose, he continued to find nuance in his coaching voice along the way. In 2021, he paused the show, knowing that his focus was shifting and deepening.

Kieran was no stranger to this feeling of refinement—he had already done quite a bit of it to arrive at the decision to work specifically with Christian entrepreneurs—and this time, he set out to examine his core motivations for hosting a podcast. In the midst of this work, Kieran invited me to the process, and I helped him unpack the voice he wanted to have going forward in clear, direct terms. We talked about how he wants to use his podcast to nurture his current audience and to reach new people who haven't yet engaged his content. He knew after taking a DIY approach the first time around that he wanted to invest in a process that would help him get to the next stage faithfully and efficiently.

Kieran feels called to be a thought leader and to convey the transformation that God is doing in his heart while helping entrepreneurs walk out their faith in their businesses. As a coach, Kieran helps entrepreneurs both understand their thoughts and renew their minds as Jesus teaches. With the podcast, he wants to facilitate people having "a-ha!" moments in ways similar to being in a coaching session, something I've experienced firsthand as one of Kieran's coaching clients. It was clear that Kieran's vision was beyond the limits of the previous show, and I sought to bring life to his vision while elevating his brand through strategy and design. This is when good brand design happens—when a business or organization is undergoing transformation and is compelled to show that through how they show up in the world.

Five concepts from the first round of the design process for the Renew Your Mind podcast
Two concepts from the second round of the design process for the Renew Your Mind podcast
Ten concepts from the third round of the design process for the Renew Your Mind podcast
17 concepts from the fourth round of the design process for the Renew Your Mind podcast, all using a red gradient background
24 concepts from the fifth round of the design process for the Renew Your Mind podcast, all on a red gradient background
Final cover for the Renew Your Mind podcast on a red gradient background
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I began concepts, leaning heavily on the title Renew Your Mind—the most directly in line with Kieran's vision (and a favorite out of his potentials). I worked with Kieran in a one-month intensive on the brand, moving seamlessly through weekly presentations, and even working on some explorations live with him over video calls.

After the first round, we realized that including a photo of Kieran was in alignment with his stepping into the role of a thought leader in the coaching industry, and stating exactly who the podcast is for would reinforce its purpose without any extra fluff. We spent the rest of the intensive working that out—selecting a bold color palette, dialing in selections of type to support Kieran's voice, and settling on exact wording to describe his audience: faith-driven entrepreneurs. Typographically, we landed on Public Sans, an excellently readable open source typeface that reinforces Kieran's confident and clear approach to his content. To complete the brand, I set up supporting templates for Kieran to use on social media to promote thoughts from his episodes.

Now over a year into the podcast, Kieran continues to step confidently into his voice, and has welcomed new coaching clients who connected with him through the show—generating over $90,000 in revenue for his business. I'm deeply honored to have worked with him on the launch of this show and to see some of how it's affecting his clients. It's clear that entrepreneurs are experiencing transformative and redemptive change in their lives and businesses as a result of Kieran's work.

If you're a Christian, service-based entrepreneur looking to move from hustle to peace, this podcast is a great place to start.

Listen here: Renew Your Mind: For Faith Driven Entrepreneurs
Find out more about Kieran's work: Lenahan Coaching

If you're a redemptive business looking to realize your vision, book a discovery session and I can help you define your next step.

Color and typography rules for the Renew Your Mind podcast
Two quote templates for promoting thoughts from episodes, one on a red gradient background (left) and one on a navy blue background (right)
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"Working with Kyle was seamless (and a ton of fun). He asked me key questions that helped me articulate my vision and the heart of my brand in ways I hadn't before. And throughout the project, he turned that insight into visual design. Our project check-ins felt like Christmas morning as a kid. I got to see the progress Kyle made, and I got to engage in the creative process and co-create with him.

Now, I regularly have people tell me that they first listened to my podcast because it stood out from the rest of their search results. And they've shared with me how their life has been changed by listening. In the first year after launching the podcast with the artwork Kyle designed, the podcast alone was responsible for creating over $90k in revenue. Mission accomplished. Making the investment to hire Kyle was a no brainer. It paid me back exponentially. 100 times out of 100, I would do it again.

If you want a brand that reflects where you are and where you're going, I highly recommend working with Kyle."

Kieran Lenahan
Business Coach & Spiritual Director
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