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RVRB is an agency based in Chattanooga, TN. Beginning in 2016 as SocialLion, they established themselves in the social media marketing sector. Their specialty lies in producing world-class content in real time that increases both online and in-person engagement for their clients, and in 2019, they decided to change their name to RVRB, stepping fully into real-time content marketing. Shortly after, they invited me to lead their rebrand in collaboration with their team.


Logo development
Brand identity refinement
Brand style guide

SocialLion logo on white background and RVRB logo on black background
RVRB logo on dark navy background
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The challenge with this rebrand was to bring a higher level of professionalism to the agency's presence in the market while retaining some of the approachability of their previous brand. In early discussions, the agency selected the name RVRB as a way to define what they do with greater clarity—they seek to make a client's message "reverberate" as they amplify their events and marketing online. The removal of the vowels adds immediacy to the name while distinguishing them from Reverb, the popular used music gear marketplace.

The new brand is built around a wordmark of the agency's name. As a team working in real-time content production, they move fast—really fast—and this choice of a bold, compressed sans-serif conveys the focus, compressed timeline, and strength they provide to clients in the midst of events. Accompanying the compressed type is a line of increasing length to reinforce the way they amplify their clients' messages and to provide movement to the wordmark.

First three pages of RVRB brand style guide
Pages 3-6 of RVRB brand style guide
Camera, phone, and video camera line icons in orange gradient on a dark navy background
Three pages from RVRB photo style guide
Mockups of two phones showing RVRB marketing content
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To support the wordmark, we selected a type system that conveys both solidity and approachability. Termina by Fort Foundry takes center stage for headlines while FontFont's Good Pro provides contrast in smaller headlines, and Soleil by TypeTogether rounds everything out with copy that's both friendly and confident.

In considering how to further incorporate some of the previous SocialLion tone, we selected a color palette of bright purple and vibrant orange along with corresponding gradients to accent base colors of dark navy and black. The palette represents the personality and energy that RVRB brings to their work while tethering them to the background of their production world.

The wordmark, type system, and color palette came together in a new website designed and developed by Guillermo Casanova (another collaborator on the project), in a set of internal style guides for photography and videography, and in client-facing marketing. In 2020, RVRB staff officially took over brand-specific content design.

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Photo of a person holding a phone with Instagram open to an image of the RVRB logo displayed on a post
Photo through office window of wall vinyl with RVRB logo
Mockup of RBRN logo, URL, and Instagram handle as a window vinyl
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