Mockup of The Grove Church logo on an outdoor sign

The Grove Church

A church with over 30 years of focus on the Gospel and families, Piney Grove Baptist Church was looking to craft a brand that accurately expressed those long-held core values. After they changed their name to The Grove Church in 2018, I partnered with them to establish a brand identity that would give them visual voice in the next season of their ministry.


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The Grove Church mark on a green background
Explanation of The Grove Church mark construction
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The brand is built on a mark that brings a sense of connectedness and flourishing to the forefront, with a continuous "vine" and four leaves weaving into a "G" shape. Each leaf implies an aspect of movement that The Grove Church sees in a believer's life, with the last leaf at the top right representing fruit as a result of the other three movements.

The mark was designed to be versatile in application, and to be strong both with and without supporting typography.

Mockup of a spread in The Grove Church brand style guide
The Grove Church logo arrangements and color palette
GroveKids wordmark on a light gray background
Shortened GroveKids wordmark on light gray and pink backgrounds
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In line with their focus on the Gospel and families, The Grove Church adopted "Helping Families Flourish" as their leading brand statement. As we developed other brand elements, this phrase became a guide, informing choices for typefaces, color, and sub-brands. A friendly and confident type pairing of exljbris' Museo Slab and Mark Simonson's Proxima Nova took the stage with the mark, visually connecting with its flourishes and providing a built-in system for use cases going forward. Medium green pairs with a range of grays, establishing a greater sense of growth, versatility, and approachability to the brand.

For their children's ministry, GroveKids, I developed a custom wordmark that further extends the focus on connectedness and flourishing to the next generation.

Mockup of The Grove Church centered logo as window vinyl
Mockup of "Helping Families Flourish" and The Grove Church mark on a green wall
Mockup of The Grove Church mark embroidered on a hat
Mockup of The Grove Church mark on the bottom of an enamel mug and  and "Helping Families Flourish" on the side of the mug
Mockup of The Grove Church mark as a car sticker
Mockup of black t-shirt with "Helping Families Flourish" design
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